Problems With Indoor Air Quality? Why You Need to Take Action Promptly

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Problems With Indoor Air Quality? Why You Need to Take Action Promptly

15 October 2018
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Whenever you employ others or open up a business facility to members of the public, you have a duty of responsibility to make sure that these individuals are as safe as possible. You may go out of your way to create a safe environment from a practical point of view by trying to eliminate some of the more obvious risks, but sometimes you can face a challenge that is difficult to quantify and even more difficult to overcome. How can you address any perceived issues associated with the indoor air quality at your premises, before the issue escalates and becomes very difficult to manage?

Challenge Ahead

Indoor air quality is crucial not only to help ensure that your employees perform their duties adequately but to keep everyone safe from potential pollutants. Nevertheless, they can be challenging to pinpoint and especially as they can often produce a variety of characteristics that affect people differently.

Addressing In-House

You should begin by trying to investigate these problems in-house, and this will begin with an analysis of the problem from a broader perspective. You need to know who has been affected, the nature of the symptoms and when this took place. You need to draw up a list of potential sources, where environmental agents could be related to your quality problem. 

Often, these issues are associated with internal systems or equipment and you have to look at HVAC and other machines, together with any air movement pathways. Check for any sources of water damage or in areas where moisture may have been allowed to accumulate, to look for the presence of mould.

Full Detail

When you talk with those who may have been affected you will begin to realise the scale of the problem. Always catalogue this information on a first-hand basis and go into considerable detail as this will help you to understand the problem and take action. Just be wary of any other issues that may creep into the analysis, as people may bring complaints to the table that are not directly related to air quality.

Possible Relief

Sometimes, a thorough cleaning of equipment, surfaces, furnishings or carpets can get rid of the source of the contamination, especially if it is related to dust, fibre or allergens. Is it possible that your air intakes are situated in a "bad" position and may be picking up carbon monoxide or other contaminants from the outside air?

Extending the Investigation

If this issue remains elusive and you simply cannot get to the bottom of the problem in a relatively short space of time, you should not hesitate to bring in external air quality experts to help you. They are fully trained to identify the likely cause and to help you take action to get relief. Remember that you may face legal issues, potential litigation and fines if you don't take prompt action, so don't delay in getting to the bottom of it.

For more information, contact your local air quality services.