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Welcome to the blog! My name is Ian. I live with my wonderful family in Sydney, Australia. For many years, I believed that green energy was something that old hippies were into. However, having read a detailed news report about climate change, I realised that green energy was something we all needed to consider. I contacted a local solar energy company and asked them for advice. They gave me lots of very useful info and I eventually decided to install two solar panels on my home. I am really pleased to be doing my bit to protect the environment. Enjoy!


What Grease Does to Your Sewage System and How to Prevent Problems

23 October 2018
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

From cooking through to disposing of cosmetic products, there are lots of ways grease can make its way into your drains. In some instances, this is unavoidable. However, if you're using your sinkhole as a convenient disposal system for everything that's fatty and greasy, it's worth exploring the effects it has on your sewage system. First of all, what counts as a greasy product? Most greasy products are obvious and, hopefully, you wouldn't think to place them down your drain. Read More …

Problems With Indoor Air Quality? Why You Need to Take Action Promptly

15 October 2018
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Whenever you employ others or open up a business facility to members of the public, you have a duty of responsibility to make sure that these individuals are as safe as possible. You may go out of your way to create a safe environment from a practical point of view by trying to eliminate some of the more obvious risks, but sometimes you can face a challenge that is difficult to quantify and even more difficult to overcome. Read More …

Tips to Keeping Your Pool’s Heat Pump Energy-Efficient

12 October 2018
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Although having a swimming pool is one of the most coveted features on a residential property, more and more homeowners are finding that maintaining a swimming pool can be quite expensive. With all the electrical components involved in keeping the water clean and comfortable, you will quickly notice your electrical costs skyrocketing. So if you are deliberating on lowering your pool-associated costs but still want to enjoy the benefits of a heated swimming pool, you may be wondering how to achieve this. Read More …

Understanding the Risk Posed by Asbestos in Your Older Home

1 October 2018
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

As you may know, there was a massive boost in home building following the end of the Second World War. Contractors would often use whatever type of material they could get their hands on to keep up with the demand. Asbestos cement was readily available, and everybody else seemed to be using it, so it found its way into most houses that date back to that time. You may be the owner of a structure of this vintage and may now be considering a significant update, but you need to find out if your property contains any asbestos before you begin, so where should you start? Read More …

4 Factors That Determine Solar Power Performance in Your Home

27 September 2018
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Many homeowners wonder how effective solar power can be in their premises. Because different parts of the country may have varying exposure to the sun, there are several factors that will determine solar power performance. It's a good idea to determine how much power you can expect from your solar panels once they're installed. These 4 main factors will directly influence solar power performance in your home. 1. Exposure to the sun Read More …