The A-Z Guide To Bulky Rubbish Removal

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The A-Z Guide To Bulky Rubbish Removal

12 July 2022
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Rubbish removal does not have to be complex. And usually, it is not unless you are not following the right process. Generally, there are plenty of ways to get rid of stuff you do not need anymore. General household waste, construction waste, garden waste and more are some of the standard types of waste you may need to clear out occasionally. But what if you have bulky items like old sofas, mattresses, furniture, electronics, electrical appliances and etc.? Many people find it challenging to dispose of such items. However, there's always a solution, and this guide breaks down all there is to know about bulky rubbish removal

Know What You Need To Get Rid Of

Several rubbish removal companies collect bulky household items. However, they do not collect all the heavy items you have in your home. Therefore, it's crucial to check with the rubbish removal companies first to determine what is collectible and what isn't. Typically, standard items that may be collected include garden furniture, exercise equipment, home furnishings like wardrobes, sofas, tables, chairs and a chest of drawers. They can also collect mattresses, small electrical appliances, and electronics like refrigerators, television sets and toasters.

On the other hand, items like gas cylinders, tyres, builders' rubble like bricks and paving slabs and trampolines may not be accepted. Therefore, it's always best to determine beforehand what is collectible to avoid surprises later.

You May Consider Council Collection

Local councils typically offer waste collection services. You may thus consider booking these services in advance if you plan to dispose of bulky household items. However, like rubbish removal companies, local councils have strict regulations regarding rubbish disposal, including bulky items. Therefore, ensure you understand all the relevant regulations to avoid penalties. Failing to follow the set regulations could also lead to your bulky items not being collected, so keep that in mind.

Sorting Your Items Can Be Cost-Saving

Most rubbish removal companies will require you to sort out your bulky items. Doing this makes waste management easier, and sometimes, it could be part of the required regulations. Nonetheless, doing it on your own can make the whole exercise run smoothly. It is also cost-effective because most rubbish removal companies will charge you extra if they have to do that for you. Do you have items that can be dismantled? It would be best if you also broke them down into single manageable pieces for the same reason.