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Welcome to the blog! My name is Ian. I live with my wonderful family in Sydney, Australia. For many years, I believed that green energy was something that old hippies were into. However, having read a detailed news report about climate change, I realised that green energy was something we all needed to consider. I contacted a local solar energy company and asked them for advice. They gave me lots of very useful info and I eventually decided to install two solar panels on my home. I am really pleased to be doing my bit to protect the environment. Enjoy!


How Fire Warden Training Assists with Evacuation of People with Disabilities

9 April 2021
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

When a fire threatens the safety of occupants in a commercial building, chaos and confusion can reign, especially when persons with disabilities are involved. Unfortunately, chaos and confusion make it difficult for the more vulnerable people in the building to find a safe place during a fire incident. It is particularly the case in fires where flames move and change direction quickly. Thus, fire warden training is essential in equipping volunteers with skills on the safe evacuation of persons with disabilities. Read More …