Tips to Keeping Your Pool's Heat Pump Energy-Efficient

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Tips to Keeping Your Pool's Heat Pump Energy-Efficient

12 October 2018
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Although having a swimming pool is one of the most coveted features on a residential property, more and more homeowners are finding that maintaining a swimming pool can be quite expensive. With all the electrical components involved in keeping the water clean and comfortable, you will quickly notice your electrical costs skyrocketing. So if you are deliberating on lowering your pool-associated costs but still want to enjoy the benefits of a heated swimming pool, you may be wondering how to achieve this. The piece below lists a few practical tips you can use to keep your pool's heat pump energy-efficient.

Start with the right heat pump

Typical mistakes that a few homeowners make is either purchasing their heat pump based on price or assuming that the larger the pump, the hotter the water will be. However, this is a sure fire way to leave the heat pump overwork itself or consume excess energy. When selecting a heat pump, it is best to consult with your pool contractors first. They will take into consideration the size of the swimming pool, the amount of usage the pool gets, the number of people swimming in the pool as well as the overall climatic conditions of your area before they whittle down the options that you can deliberate on for your heat pump.

Complement the heat pump with solar heating

Solar heaters have been on a steady rise among both commercial and residential property owners. And in the recent past, the solar heaters have made their way into the swimming pool industry. The great thing about solar heater is that they can be installed even after you already have a heat pump in place. Secondly, they will provide you with sufficient heating energy for most of the year, which translates into a reduced dependence on your electricity for your pool heating needs. Solar panels, granted, may seem expensive at the onset, but keep in mind that they require minimal maintenance. Thus, you also get to save money in the long run!

Install a solar cover

Another way of efficiently heating your swimming pool is by installing a solar heat cover. When your swimming pool is uncovered, it loses heat at an alarming rate through evaporation. Hence, you find that you have to heat your pool several times during the day if you want the water to stay warm. A solar cover is an excellent solution because it provides a barrier that mitigates the evaporation. Not only does your pool water stay warm but you get to cut on your heating costs too! 

For more information on pool heat pumps, contact your local supplier.