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Welcome to the blog! My name is Ian. I live with my wonderful family in Sydney, Australia. For many years, I believed that green energy was something that old hippies were into. However, having read a detailed news report about climate change, I realised that green energy was something we all needed to consider. I contacted a local solar energy company and asked them for advice. They gave me lots of very useful info and I eventually decided to install two solar panels on my home. I am really pleased to be doing my bit to protect the environment. Enjoy!


A Simple Guide to Buying Fire Extinguishers for Your Office

31 August 2018
 Categories: Environmental, Blog

Investing in fire extinguishers is a critical step to managing fire hazards in your office and safeguarding your investment. As a business owner, it is your duty to determine the kind of extinguishers to buy and in what quantities. Unfortunately, most people don't put much thought into the selection process. When a fire occurs, you may end up finding that you have the wrong equipment to fight it. However, you can avoid such a calamity by utilizing these tips as you buy fire extinguishers for your office. Read More …